KieTheVez"Positivism amongst the nihilism"

Read an article about Kiethevez written by J Andersson, Nov. 2004.

With just under 2 months left of '04, Kiethevez look stronger than in many years.
Gone are the days of reminiscing early years of touring and recording sessions under
somewhat different circumstances.

The working process when having band members spread in different countries at times
has now come into place properly, and thanks to a new virtual studio everyone can
co-work on any song at any given time. This has added a new dimension in both
creativity as well as functionality.

Kiethevez have not been this creative for ages. It's virtually pouring out of all
four members' pens. Demos and excerpts form full songs, most will melody-wise be
easily recognised by Kiethevez listeners. As previously, the most exciting
development from this band comes during the paradoxical mix between a positive
creativity and a luring nihilism of band members. The built-in melancholy prevails
but never reach lethargical proportions; instead the band seek to make sure most
songs have a drive, that make it alert and vibrant.

Following the set routine of never adapting to what "should be recorded", according
to A&R's, lists or labels, one can never say that Kiethevez aim directly for the

Jesper Palmqvist: -"Our music is made for an obvious reason, at least to us. The cliché of composing as a form of therapy never leaves. Thus we write for our own self-preservation and to the people who throughout the years have told us they like what we do. We are indeed very grateful for everyone who finds something in our music that attracts them, it gives us a unique sense of belonging. It is very gratifying. No artist should ask for anything else than that. Everything else is just a bonus."

By 2005 followers of Kiethevez should not be disappointed.