KieTheVez"Back in the eighties we all got influenced by the big synthie pop oriented band then, like Ultravox..."

Read an interview with Jörgen Falmer
and Per-Henrik Petersson written by
Lenore, Coldroom, 2004.

#Coldroom: Can you introduce Kiethevez to us, what's the current line up?

Per-Henrik: Well, it's me and Jörgen that are composing most of the songs at the moment. My main responsibility is arranging, producing and creating the sound of the songs - and I'm also playing the guitars. Jörgen does most of the song writing, sometimes together with me; he also plays the keyboards and is responsible for the backing vocals at live performances. Jesper is the lead singer and lives in Stockholm at the moment, he also play the guitars. Tomas plays the keyboards and manages the machines at the live performances, he is also responsible for the programming of the official KTV website.
Jörgen: Me, Per-Henrik and Tomas live in Gothenburg. It may seem strange that Jesper lives in Stockholm, but with the broadband technology there is no problem during the song writing process. We send material back and forth, constantly communicating. It's great with the possibilities to live in different cities, even if you are in the same band.

#Coldroom: What are your main influences?
Per-Henrik: We are listening to a range of music genres. There are very few common influences within the group. Back in the eighties we all got influenced by the big synthie pop oriented band then, like Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Yazoo and so on. But nowadays we get our music influences from bands like U2, The Smiths, Coldplay, Mew, The Cure, Mazzy Star, A-ha, Radiohead, New Order - just to mention a few. We also get influenced by classical compositions and experimental stuff. But the main influences come from our own lives, small things and situations around us - things we see, read or experience. Film and travels are also influencing us.

#Coldroom: Why did you name your band "Kiethevez"? What's the meaning of this name?
Per-Henrik: We get that question a lot, almost every interview, but I'll give it a try. We had a band called Yellowstone - not a great name, but anyway - and we decided to start a new band. Jesper joined me, Jörgen and Tomas, and with a concert coming up, we had to find a name. We were working with a sampled voice saying some actors' names, including Kiefer Sutherland and Emilio Estevez. But the old and already tired Emulator Emax couldn't handle that sample and cut the thing up automatically, losing the part in the middle, ending up with kie-tevez. We then decided to pick that name.

#Coldroom: Your last album "Opium" was released six years ago, what have you been doing since 1997? Have you worked on other projects?
Jörgen: After the Swedish "Opium tour" we started to work on new material. We had a couple of songs ready, but felt that there was something missing. The sound wasn't right. The songs didn't feel honest. We felt a lack of inspiration and decided to throw the new songs in the trash can. After some shows in New York we had a meeting and decided to take a break, we couldn't find the motivation, and we needed to develop our creativity elsewhere, working with other projects. So, Jesper started with some remix projects, for example a remix of a Beborn Beton single. Per-Henrik worked with designing film sleeves and I worked on some film music. Tomas was working with other projects. But after two and a half years we felt that we were motivated again - the inspiration was there. We started to work with some new songs and everything felt just right. We found the sound that we were looking for; we felt that we had developed musically - and that we had something to say. We then decided to start working on a new album. So the past twelve months we have been working with song for the new album. Hopefully it will be released in 2005.

#Coldroom: The video of the song "Can't see this" on the "One Roman Choir" EP, is really strange. Can you tell us more about it?
Jörgen: The Can't See This video was directed and shot by Marcus Dimbodius (Evenco), and we gave him the full creative responsibility. He came up with a weird idea that we really liked. It's about a man who collects horrible newspaper placards and is so afraid of the world that he spends all his time indoors.One day he realizes that all he need is to be loved, and he gathers all his power to go out and discover the world as it is. He dresses up in what he thinks gives him personal security and protection, and leave for the search of life. Finally he ends up with this lonely girl on a bench. It's an open end.
Per-Henrik: It's like with music and all kinds of art, it's up to the receivers to find the messages, the keys. We're not trying to give the answers. It's up to the world to create their own picture - to interpret with no given rules. There is no right or wrong. Just different interpretations.

#Coldroom: You are currently working on a new album, can you tell us more about it?
Per-Henrik: It's a natural development from the Opium album. It's more mature, more honest. The brilliant melancholic melodies are still very important, but we have added more acoustic instruments and sampled sounds. The songs are more dynamic and more expressive, and we have worked much more with the production and the sound than ever before. So far we have about 12 songs ready. We need about 25 songs before we decide which ten we choose for the album. It's a long process, but we really like that process. When you have a lot of songs to work with and to choose among before you finish an album - the album will be more like an album, not just a couple of songs on a CD. We're trying to create a kind of concept, ten very different songs, but still from the same core, from that same way of expression. It's melancholy, happy ones, dark and slow songs, but also up-tempo catchy creations. We already feel that the new album will be our best so far, no doubt about it.

#Coldroom: Can you explain your song writing and composition process for this album?
Jörgen: It's me and Per-Henrik that does most of the song writing and the arrangements right now. Per-Henrik often comes up with an idea, a chord combination or a rhythm package. I'm listening to it and trying to get to know that feeling. Then I'm trying to sketch on a refrain or a verse. Per-Henrik listens to my ideas, and then we take it from there. Per-Henrik is often working with the sound and the production. I'm working more with the songs and the lyrics. But sometimes it's the other way around. I'm introducing an idea, maybe just some nice samplings, and then Per-Henrik starts working with the song. It's constant communication; we're working on several ideas at the same time and working a lot together with the songs. We're discussing the sounds, the rhythm and vocal arrangements, the lyrics and so on. Sometimes I write songs in front of the piano, sometimes with the guitar - it's the same with Per-Henrik. There are no rules, the main thing is that we find different ways to create.

#Coldroom: How is the Swedish electronic & synthpop scene at the moment?
Per-Henrik: It's growing. There is a trend among the "common" pop bands to sound a bit like the bands back in the eighties right now, and a lot of electronic & synthie pop bands get a lot of attention due to that trend. And that's really great, they deserve it. But Sweden is a small country (9 millions inhabitants) so that's one reason why we write lyrics in English - just to have the possibility to reach out outside Sweden.

#Coldroom: Will you be touring after the release of this new album? Are some concerts already planned?
Jörgen: Hopefully we will be touring after the release of our new album. Both in Europe and in North and South America. No dates planned at this moment.

#Coldroom: Something more you would like to say?
Jörgen: Log on to the brand new official KTV website. Listen to what's going on in the studio, download videos, songs and take part of news, interviews, photos, biography and so on. Don't forget to sign the guestbook.

#Coldroom: What is your favourite album?
Jörgen: "Achtung baby" by U2.
Per-Henrik: "Disintegration" by The Cure.

#Coldroom: The last album you bought?
Jörgen: It was a Lloyd Cole album, can't remember the title right now.
Per-Henrik: Duran Duran "Greatest Hits" and Saybia "The second you sleep".

#Coldroom: Your favourite book?
Jörgen: Anything by Ed McBain.
Per-Henrik: I don't really know. Different books have been my favourites in different phases in my life. Everything is constantly changing. I can't give you one favourite book, but a very special book is "The Art of Happiness" by Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler.

#Coldroom: The last book you read?
Jörgen: I started on a book by a Swedish writer, Louise Boije af Gennäs, but it didn't speak to my mind, so I don't think I will finish it.
Per-Henrik: "Night Sky" by Clare Francis

#Coldroom: Your favourite movie?
Jörgen: "Magnolia"
Per-Henrik: "Fanny and Alexander" by Ingmar Bergman.

#Coldroom: The last movie you saw?
Jörgen: The latest one by the Cohen brothers, it was somewhat disapointing.
Per-Henrik: Happiness ( I can't remember the director)

#Coldroom: If you had to choose a word to describe yourself, what would it be?
Jörgen: Creative
Per-Henrik: Emotional

#Coldroom: If you had to choose a word to describe your music?
Jörgen: Moody
Per-Henrik: Sensationally or Emotionally

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