Jörgen Falmer"We were sampling from films and there was this film with Kiefer Sutherland and Emilio Estevez."

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written by Stefan Månsson, Release no.
3 back in 1993.

Kiethevez from Älvängen, north of Gothenburg, has just released their "Replenish My Mind" CDM. It is melancholic synthiepop similar to for instance The Mobile Homes.
- It´s not that strange, says Jörgen Falmer, one of the three keyboardplayers in the band. There were a lot of bands starting up in the mid-eighties, and we all got inspiration from Depeche Mode. They were, and are, the biggest name in synthiepop. You don´t have to feel ashamed about that as long as what you produce is good. Another thing is that they are easy to refer to to people outside of the genre when you try to explain what kind of music you´re playing. We don´t try to sound like anyone else and we feel we have our own sound.

The bandmembers started playing music around 1986. They have all gone to school together except for Jesper Palmqvist, but they all played in different bands. In 1990 they all joined and formed this band. Jörgen tells us about the name, Kiethevez:
- We were sampling from films and there was this film with Kiefer Sutherland and Emilio Estevez. We took the first part from one name and the last part from the other and we put them together. It´s a bit odd, but some bands choose very stereotyped names.

In 1991 Kiethevez released their "Undressed Confessions" MC which was very well received and sold quite a lot. The band participated in the compilation LP "Faces And Images" and the MC "Sounds From The Electric Café". However they are mostly known for their contribution to the two compilations from October, and now they´ve released the "Replenish My Mind" CDM.
- It´s kind of an uptempo song and probably our best so far. We´ve never had to worry about running out of ideas. We often write about complicated love, it fits the music and you can always find new angles. At the same time we´re getting better at what we´re doing and that makes it easier and more fun to work. However, you can´t avoid getting less productive periods, and then you need to find some inspiration. This can be positive feedback from an audience or buying new instruments or whatever.When composing the music, the bandmembers work in different combinations, but no more than two people at the same time, says Jörgen and continues:
- I think it´s for the best. With too many people in charge you´re begging for problems. Now perhaps you don´t get to hear the song before it´s almost completed, and then it´s OK. No one wants to release something that´s deficient.
With those words Jörgen leaves for the studio.Later this fall Kiethevez releases their first album, and they´re going to spend the nearest future playing live. There aren´t any dates set yet, but look out for them.

Written by: Stefan Månsson / Release Music Magazine no. 3 1993