Kiethevez" realize that there is nothing in the world that is black or white, right or wrong, left or right, 1 or 0."


Read an excerpt from the DARKNOISE Magazine interview, September 2008.

# Can you tell us a little bit more about the Non-binary production?

We have worked really hard during the past years to find the correct sound of the new album. Sometimes we had to start all over because the sound wasn’t right. The idea was to create a special blend of electronic music programming and acoustic instruments. In the end we feel that we managed to reach our goals – but it took about 6 years and a lot of blood and tears to accomplish. When you are trying to create a new kind of sound, something you are not used to do – it’s really hard to know when you are on the right track or not. You constantly need to explore new ways to produce and arrange your songs…but in the same time its worthwhile because you are developing your skills and it’s really satisfying when the production reach your vision. Non-binary is definitely our best album regarding the songs AND the production AND the mixing/mastering. We had a lot of help in the mixing phase from Martin Holmström at Peekaboo Studio – he really managed to bring out the best of the production behind the mixing console.

# What about the story behind the album title “Non-binary”?
Well, when you grow older you realize that there is nothing in the world that is black or white, right or wrong, left or right, 1 or 0. Everything is more like a grey zone where there is more than one answer to all questions, nothing is really defined. The album got the name “Non-binary” because we think the songs represent that insight - the album represents a more mature way of exploring life, the world we live in and how to deal with it.

# Is there a new album on the way?
After struggling to hard lately to complete Non-binary, we will take some time off just to regain some creative energy. Maybe we start writing some new songs in early 2009 with the ambition of having a new album out in 2011.

# Tell us about the album front cover picture.
Yes, it’s a really nice picture. We got in contact with a photographer in the US and she showed us some of her photos. One of them was a self portrait that we instantly knew symbolized the album, the sound and the idea with the songs. That photo became the front cover of the new album. She is looking in another direction, she is reflecting and also exploring what happens outside the window between her and the world, she is about to choose another way because the path isn’t straight, there is no right or wrong, no 1 or 0, no black or white. She expresses the second thoughts, the alternative decisions and the grey zone of life. She also awakes questions like: “Who is she?”, “What’s her story?, “Where is she going?”, “What is she thinking about?” and so on. And that is really what Non-binary is all about.

# Three bands/artists that you are listening to at the moment...
Apart of listening to our own new album “Non-binary”, we’re listening to some old Ultravox albums, the first A-ha album “Hunting high and low” and the Depeche Mode album “Violator” at the moment. Really great bands! We’re mostly listening to old albums; there is not so much great music out there today….

# Any plans for the future?
Well, the coming months we will work with some promotion of Non-binary. In the autumn we will try to make some shows if possible, and after that take some time off. We don’t make any big plans, we just take one step at the time, one step after the other. We all have families now, so there is more than just music right now that matters so to speak. As mentioned earlier, we will try to start writing for a new album next year – and than we take if from there. Hopefully there is a new album coming within a couple of years, and that album will have a new sound, probably with a more basic/simple ambient sound based on programming and samplings only.