J Falmer"...the shapes is starting to show, the concept is turning from something indescribable to something real."

Read an interview with Jörgen Falmer written by J Andersson in February 2006.

The forthcoming Kiethevez full length album, not yet named, is unfortunately delayed for about 10-12 months. Since the recordings in July and August 2005 the post production has been difficult due to technical problems and because of private matters. After a break during December and January, the hard work continues. Hopefully the new album will be mixed during the summer or early autumn. The new album will probably reach the record stores some time in the late 2006, or early 2007. A short interview with Jörgen Falmer of KTV follows.

# What’s the reason for the delay of the release of the new KTV album?
Well, we’ve just managed trough massive technical problems. Hard disc crashes, soundcard failure, calibration problems and unknown software errors have followed the post production since the recordings in July and August. But it seems like we’ve got it all working now, so god help us – make the technical stuff run smoothly during the rest of the post production and the mixing of the new album. Some new family members have seen the light lately, so we had to take a break for about two months during Christmas.

# What happens the coming 5 months?
Hopefully we can start up again in the end of February and then work and really focus on the post production during the spring - we’re about half through that process. So, the next four months we’re just putting the last peaces together, you know – changing some sounds, adding some vocals and some missing guitars, replacing a snaredrum or a bassdrum sample with a better one and so on. We’re also working with the vocals arrangements. About half of the the songs have now been shaped into somewhat finished versions. Sometime the coming summer or early autumn we will mix the album at Peekabo Studios together with Martin Holmström. When we have that perfect final mix in our hands, the new album will be mastered and prepared for the CD press. During the autumn we will work with some of the graphical design of the new release such as CD sleeve, posters, flyers and t-shirts. Marketing, photo sessions, PR and interviews will follow during the late autumn. Hopefully the new album will be released sometime in December of 2006, or in January/February 2007. We aim to release a two track CD single about a month before the album release. During the spring of 2007 at least one more CD single will follow.

# You say that half of the songs now have been shaped into somewhat finished versions. Which are your reflections, did they end up as you whished?
During the recordings and the post production we realized that some of the songs ended up even better than we imagined. Just because it’s a long and slow process, you live together with our songs and they change during time. It’s sometimes hard to decide if a song should be thrown in the trashcan because you have heard the songs in so many shapes and a thousand times. But we have to trust our judgement, that special feeling you have inside. When we listen to the almost finished songs, I have to say that 9 of 10 songs ended up as we wished. The album is right now going trough the final stage, and the shapes is starting to show, the concept is turning from something indescribable to something real.

J Andersson for Kiethevez.com