The Diary

November 2007 - April 2008

New Kiethevez music CD album Non-binary out soon. The mixing phase is now over. Thirteen tracks are finally ready after 8 months in the Peekaboo Studio. The last two months we’ve just fine tuned the songs, finding the right levels and so on. We’re now entering the mastering phase – the last phase before the release of the new album. Brian Hazard at “Resonance Mastering” will make the final touch during the mastering phase to create the precise overall album sound we aim for. Eleven tracks will end up on the new forthcoming album titled “Non-binary”.

With the new deal with the American independent record label “A Different Drum” everything feels really good. At last, the album that we’ve been working with for about 5 years is finally reaching our fans and listeners. A release date is not yet set, but the new album will be released during 2008. We haven’t yet decided if there will be any live gigs, it depends if there are any interesting proposals. Thoughts and plans about forthcoming live gigs are not prioritized at the moment; we’re focusing on the last phase, and to get the final things right.

It’s with excitement we’re now looking forward to the collaboration with ADD and the album release this year. Everything is set for a brilliant comeback album from Kiethevez.


1. One world for the next
2. A million days
3. M
4. End of a bright night
5. How are we doing today
6. Non compos mentis
7. Niamh
8. Always a boy
9. Three
10. Be alone together
11. 26

June - October 2007

Finally! We're just hours from completing the final mix of the new forthcoming album. After spending almost 6 months in and out of the Peekaboo Studio mixing the 13 tracks we're almost there. The true sound of the album is really taking form. The sound engineer Martin Holmström at Peekabo has made an astonishing work interpreting our vision of sound and literally carving out the real essence of 5 years of hard work. In a couple of weeks the new album will be ready for the mastering phase.

Simultaneously we're looking for a record label to release the new singles and the new album. Hopefully there's no difficulties signing a new record deal, and soon after signing the release date can be set. We're really excited and we're looking forward to present the new album for our fans and friends after too many years of frustration and technical problems.

June 2006 - May 2007

We planned to start mixing the new album in the end of the summer. But everything got delayed as usual, mainly due to even more technical problems. In the beginning of November we finally got our self into the studio for the mixing sessions. After a couple of weeks of trial end error we found the “sound” and could rapidly move on. At the moment we’ve about halfway through the mixing work – 6 songs of 13 almost mixed. After all the songs are mixed we will start all over again with the final mixing adjustments, one song after the other, just to get that final touch before entering the “mastering phase”. We’re very pleased with the results so far; the new album will have a unique sound but with that typical and special "KTV touch”. After so many delays, we don’t really want to make any promises. But the plan is hopefully to release the new and not yet titled album sometimes in the late autumn of 2007.

March - May 2006

The post production is slowly coming to an end, just a couple of more songs to finish off. We aim to enter the studio (Peekaboo Studio) in July or August for some mixing sessions, some last minute changes and some vocal adjustments. The last couple of songs have been the most difficult ones in the post production process. The sound of these songs just didn’t come out the way we wanted so we had to start all over again.

Coming closer to the end of at least five years of hard work, it feels both joyful but frightening. Sometimes you just want to go back, and start all over. Throw everything away, and start composing in front of the piano again with a clear and focused mind. You have to ask your self a thousand times - is this what you wanted to create? Is this the best you can? Is this what KTV have been working for during all the years since the last album? The problem is that we have listened to the songs for such a long time that we somewhat have lost the ability to judge our own material. The only thing guiding us right now is that special intuition. But in the end, we know that the new material is the absolutely best we ever created together so far. And we’re really looking forward to the release of the album sometimes in the late 2006 or early 2007.

October 2005 - February 2006

Due to technical problems the album is unfortunately delayed about 10 months. The post production has been very difficult because of hard disc crashes, software problems and so on. It’s really frustrating when you can’t focus on the production, you loose that nerve that makes hard work to something enjoyable. When you’re spending too much hours trying to understand what’s wrong with the computer, you loose speed and progress. Since the recordings during the summer of 2005 we’ve got a lot of incidents with the technical recording platform.

But now, it seems like the luck is turning. Everything runs smoothly and the computers are working exactly as they should. After a break during Christmas, we’re now into the final phase in the post production. Hopefully the album will reach the record stores sometimes in the late 2006. Thank you for your support out there – it feels really great!

June - September 2005

We spend a couple of weeks during the summer in a lonely house recording most of the vocals and the acoustic instruments. We ended up with two major computer failures – stuck in the middle of nowhere. We were not far from giving it all up due to all the computer problems, but we managed to record the major parts of the new album. The album will be delayed for at least 5-6 months because of the technical breakdown. After some weeks off, we’re now back in the Studio finishing what we planned to already have on tape. Back then, in that lonely house deep in the forests, everything felt like a struggle against technology. Days passed with non creative work – trying to get the machines back on track.

After all, we’re satisfied with what we accomplished during the summer. When we listen to the recorded material today we know the new material will end up really great. We will put the last pieces together during the autumn – and in December or January we will spend some weeks in the Peekaboo Studios for the final mix. Hopefully the new album will be out sometime in the early spring.

May 2005

Hard work. We're now putting everythingtogether. Preparing for the recordings in July and August this year. Time is running short, and maybe the album will we delayed a few months. The plan is still to release the not yet titled album this year, or in January or February 2006. We’re not going to release anything that we're not satisfied with. There is no need to hurry.

We'll record the album in a small house on the countryside at the west coast of Sweden. Just outside the town Halmstad. The band will live there and work with the new songs for about 4-6 weeks during the summer.

April 2005

Now we've chosen the thirteen tracks for the forthcoming album. After a couple of days together with intense discussions and listening we’re really satisfied with the choices we’ve made. We will continue to work with those thirteen songs until they are produced and mixed.Then we pick the ten best for the not yet titled album. The three remaining tracks will be released as well on compilation albums and as bonus tracks on our forthcoming singles.

In July we will spend 3-4 weeks in a house at the west coast of Sweden, recording the vocals, guitars and finishing the production of the thirteen songs. During these weeks in the middle of the summer, we will live and work only with the new album, day and night. A total focus on bringing out the best of the songs and on what we’re able to create together.

We’re working a lot with the lyrics right now and combining the sound and the arrangement into an expressive combination. The new album is more like a concept; everything that we tried to create the last ten years is all of a sudden possible. Step by step we’re putting the pieces together and we can see the brilliance, it’s the birth of the best KTV album ever.

February - March 2005

The songwriting period is finished, and we’ve managed to write 30 new songs for the forthcoming album. We’re now ready to take some weeks off and listen to which 13 or 14 songs to take to the next phase. In the beginning of April we will start the next phase, and that is to prepare these chosen songs for recording and mixing. During the summer we will hire an old house in the west coast of Sweden, where we will build a temporary studio. It’s in this old house that we will do most of the recording of the new album. In the early autumn we will mix, and partially produce, the album at Peekaboo Studios in Gothenburg together with Martin Holmstrom.

During the spring we will invest in some new equipment, a new studio computer, FX processors and so on. The schedule is packed with activities the next 6-8 months. Everything feels very exciting and we’re really satisfied with the material – it’s going to be absolutely the best KTV album so far, no doubts about that. Thank you for all of your support out there!

December 2004 - January 2005

Everything is coming together now, piece by piece, note by note. The seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months and years of creativity are finally paying off. A shape is slowly taking form, a couple of songs, one after one creating a concept. The mindset is crystal clear, and the result is growing into a KTV album. All effort during the last three years is turning into something new. The late nights spent in the studio and the hard work at the piano. When discussing a new album a couple of years ago, we couldn’t realize what a trip we decided to do together. And all the barriers we had to cross on the dark path leading towards the vision we had. We’re soon there. Except for some days off during Christmas, we’ve worked hard with the two last songs. Lyrics have been taking form and plans for recording and mixing have been made.

It feels like everything is set for the coming 6 months. And it feels kind of strange, just to realize that we suddenly can see the light in the tunnel, the end of the road. And in the same way the next 6-8 months will be the most exiting. We’re really satisfied to far, we have a very strong belief in these new songs, and in the overall concept. It’s like a relief to feel that positive energy considering the sweat and tears in the past years. It’s within reach, at last.

November 2004

The beautiful autumn has generated a lot of new songs and we’re beginning to see the end of the songwriting period for the new album. We have over 25 new songs right now. The dark winter is approaching and the creative energy is generating more ideas than ever. At the moment it feels impossible to choose twelve songs for the album. Hopefully it will feel absolutely natural in a few months to pick the ones to record. In the end we’re trying to create an album based on a concept, rather than a CD with a couple of songs. We have to rely on the concept living within our minds, the  concept will guide us through the process. And we’re soon there…

June - October 2004

During the summer we composed a couple of new songs. Per-Henrik and Tomas wrote one of them together, and that is really unusual. The last time was a song called "Despite these times" that never was released. We will compose more songs the coming five months and start with the production/sound sometime in February next year. During the spring of 2005 we will choose the 12 best songs and prepare everything before entering the recording studio during the summer of 2005. Hopefully the beautiful autumn can give us even more inspiration to write new songs.

May 2004

We have spend some days in a lonely house in the forest just to get inspiration. We have listened to all the songs we’ve composed so far, all the arrangements and the sound of the productions. We really needed some new perspectives for the writing of the last songs of the new forthcoming album. It’s a struggle to find new ways in composing, and we have tried to analyze what we’ve done so far – what have been the heart and soul of KTV since 1991. Those days gave us new inspiration and new motivation to work even harder with the album and the over all concept of the new release.

April 2004

Some new songs have been composed. Jesper has started to work on the lyrics for the forthcoming new album. He will write most of the lyrics this time. The idea is that we're trying to make the lyrics and the vocals perfect together. More honest and direct.

At the moment it seeams like the new album will be mixed and partially recorded at the Peekaboo Studio in Gothenburg (Sweden) during the summer of 2005. We will hopefully produce the album together with Martin Holmstrom.

March 2004

The process goes on. We´ve decided to try to compose the rest of the songs in a new way. We will write the six last songs in front of the piano, with no production or sound idéas before the whole song is composed with lyrics and vocal arrangements. So there will be less samples to download from the official website in the near future.

Thanx for all your support!

February 2004

We have decided to take two weeks off just to look back on what we've accomplished so far. Listening to the songs, the arrangements, the production and the mood of the new songs. The new record will be more like a concept, and we have to stay focused during the composing of the last six songs. After finishing off the last six songs, we will decide which songs that will end up on the new album.

Everything is running according to the plan, album release during 2005.

January 2004

After some weeks off during Christmas, we´re back in the studio again finishing some new songs. Now we just need about six more songs before we choose the ones for the forthcoming, not yet titled, album.

December 2003

Right now we're working a lot with sampled sounds, just to get that right feeling. It takes a lot of time to find the right snaredrum or the right hi-hats. It's important that the rhytm package matches the melody and the mood of the song. We have spend more time than before with the production and the arrangements - and we feel that the new album will be the best so far.

November 2003

We are working with the new songs and we think that the new sound really brings out the best of both lyrics and melodies. There are both slow, mid and high tempo songs that we've finished up to this date. The key to it all is to find new paths - sampling new sounds, finding the perfect beats and vocal arrangements. The new album will be different in many ways, but the typical KTV songs will always be there. We're just trying to express them in a new way.

We need about 30 new songs before we choose the ones for the forthcoming album. We really enjoy being back and working in the studio again.