The Diary of KTV.

Read the diary of KTV! This is notes from November 2003 until April 2008. 
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KieTheVez - The Biography

The KTV biography.

Take part of the KTV biography. This is the full covering story of Kiethevez,  from January 1986 to September 2003.
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The DARKNOISE Magazine.
Interview from September 2008.

NEW! Read an excerpt from the DARKNOISE Magazine interview.
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J Falmer

Album delayed again.
Interview from February 2006.

Album delayed again. Read an interview with Jörgen Falmer written by J Andersson in February 2006.
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Tomas Amneskog

Recording the new album.
Interview from August 2005.

Recording the new album. Read an interview with Tomas Amneskog written by J Andersson during the recording of the new KTV album in August 2005.
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The forthcoming album.
Interview from May 2005.

Read an interview with Per-Henrik Petersson written by J Andersson in May 2005.
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A virtual studio.
Interview from Nov 2004.

Read an article about Kiethevez written by J Andersson in Nov'04 for 
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The Coldroom article.
Interview from 2004.

Read the interview with Per-Henrik and Jörgen from January 2004, written by Lenore (
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The long process.
Interview from 2003.

Read an interview with KTV from June 2003, written by J Andersson for
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Jesper Palmqvist

The Revoltzine article.
Interview from 1998.

Read an interview with the leadsinger Jesper Palmqvist written by Scott Mallonde ( back in 1998.
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Tomas Amneskog

About the songwriting.
Interview from 1995.

Read an interview with Tomas Amneskog written by Urban Århammar (Popöga no. 116),  back in 1995.
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PH Petersson

Three empty words.
Interview from 1994.

Read an interview with PH Petersson written by Kristoffer Elofsson (Propaganda no. 3),  back in 1994.
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Jörgen Falmer

The first release.
Interview from 1993.

Read an interview with Jörgen Falmer written by Stefan Månsson (Release no. 3),  back in 1993.
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