The albums

Kiethevez have released three fullength albums so far. Three Empty Words was released in 1994, Opium in 1997 and Non-binary in 2008. Three Empty Words was also released in a US edition with extra material for the US market.


Non-binary | Album

Title: Non-Binary - CD
Releasedate: July 2008
Content: 11 tracks - One world for the next, A million days, M, End of a bright night, How are we doing today?, Non compos mentis, Niamh, Always a boy, Three, Be alone together and 26.

Composed and recorded at Coeur Noir Studios, Gothenburg/Stockholm 2003-2007. Vocals and additional instruments recorded at The Lonely House and at Peekaboo Studio. Produced and arranged by Kiethevez. Music and lyrics by Kiethevez. Mixed at Peekaboo Studio by Martin Holmström, Gothenburg 2007-2008. Mastered at Resonance Mastering by Brian Hazard, California 2008. All songs published by Kiethevez. All rights reserved (C) 2008. All instruments and programming by Kiethevez. Additional instruments by Fredrik Johansson and Martin Holmström. Additional background vocals by Annika Bengtsson. Sleeve design: Loren Stevenson. Sleeve concept: PH Petersson. Cover photography: Ariana Jordan. Interior photography: Jakob Hammarskjöld. A Different Drum 2008.

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Opium | Album

Title: Opium - CD
Releasedate: October 1997
Content: 13 tracks - Can't See This, Religion, The End, One Roman Choir, Wait, Erina, Destinies, Happy Today, For The Love Of Ophelia, Holy Water, Seems So Easy, Off the Wall and Make Me.
Information: Recorded at Coeur Noir Studios, Gothenburg January-July 1997, except Destinies recorded at Studio 1 1995. Mixed at Studio 1 1997 by Urmas Plunt at Gothenburg Sound and Kiethevez except Off The Wall mixed at Studioljudet 1997 by Kiethevez and Sonny Wadstedt, Destinies mixed at Studio 1 1995 by Urmas Plunt at Gothenburg Sound and Kiethevez. Produced and arranged by Kiethevez. Mastered at Digitalfabriken by Kenneth Svensson, August 1997. Executive producer: Dennis Berggren Sleeve design by Dennis Berggren. Photos by Marcus Johansson and Helena Nygren. Background vocals: Jessika Strand. Additional guitars: Helena Nygren, Martin Holmström. October 1997.


Three Empty Words - US Edition | Album

Title: Three Empty Words (US Edition) CD
Releasedate: February 1997
Content: Total 15 tracks - Something Of My Own, Relief, Nothing I Can Do, Replenish My Mind, Anything Higher, With The Frights Inside, Hope, Mercury, Lovely Spring, Perfection, Slightly Perceptive, Jealousy and Time. Bonus tracks: Replenish My Mind (the fall mix) and Nothing I Can Do (I´m an ocean edit).
Information: Recorded and mixed at Studioljudet, Gothenburg and Gothenburg Sound Studio, Studio I.. Engineered by Sonny Wadstedt/Urmas Plunt. Produced by Kiethevez. Executive producer: Dennis Berggren. A Different Drum (under license from October) 1997.


Three Empty Words | Album

Title: Three Empty Words - CD
Releasedate: October 1994
Content: 11 tracks - Preludium, Anything Higher, Replenish My Mind, With The Frights Inside, Hope, Pyro, Nothing I Can Do, Ride, Lovely Spring, Slightly Perceptive and Regrets.
Information: Recorded and mixed at Studioljudet, Gothenburg 1994. Engineered by Sonny Wadstedt. Produced by Kiethevez. Mixed by Sonny Wadstedt and Kiethevez. Track 3 and 8 recorded 1993.
October 1994.