Photo: J Andersson


The photos was taken during the recording of the new KTV album in August 2005.

From top left to right:

#1 "Some of the gear in close up"
#2 "Jesper singing the chorus of the forthcoming single"
#3 "Per-Henrik adding guitars on the first track of the new album"
#4 "An old caravan that we found in the forest"
#5 "Tomas takes important notes during a recording session"
#6 "Close up of the mixer console"
#7 "The old house at the end of the world"
#8 "Close up of the microphone, the AudioTechnica"
#9 "Martin Holmström and Jörgen adjusting the recording levels the first day in the house"
#10 "Another close up, the Mackie mixer"
#11 "Tomas editing vocals on the last track of the new album"
#12 "Last close up, the Bass Pod"