Slightly Perceptive

Music by: PH Petersson, J Falmer | Words by: J Falmer

Though itŽs not easy
You try hard to tease me
With all of the things that you do
And if I hand over to you
YouŽll make all my wishes come true
IŽm not objective
But slightly perceptive
YouŽre totally dependant on me
You tell me to let it bee
YouŽre happy with what you see

In a sense there is something in your kiss
That IŽd really miss
If IŽd leave you now youŽd have to tell me how
To get away with it

In your strive for perfection
YouŽve lost the affection
YouŽre not longer able to feel
Say, are your emotions for real
Do you still have your power to heal

You want to justify
What you would have done anyway
It doesnŽt matter what I say
Even if youŽd shed your skin
YouŽd still be the same within