Nothing I Can Do

Music by: J Falmer, PH Petersson, T Amneskog, J Palmqvist | Words by: J Falmer

It may come as a surprise
But some day I will rise
For the sake of variety
CanŽt wait to see your face
And thereŽs someone IŽll pursue
I will be like a tag on you
I will shadow your every step
And hopefully your mind
IŽll make you shiver like a rosebush
IŽll make you tremble like a leaf on a tree
And if you still donŽt know
How to speak your mind
Then thereŽs nothing I can do

All the things that you suppress
Are the things that I caress
I will press for an answer now
WonŽt you show me your point of view

IŽt hard as it is for me to pull through
This heart disease called needing you