Music by: PH Petersson, J Falmer | Words by: J Palmqvist

never mean for anything
to bend around its shape
keeping what is there for you
isn't easy at all

you canít give yourself that look
that turns life into nine hours of daring to let go
and not be scandinavian anymore

so now you raise the question
a thousand miles from home
bringing to attention
just what you're striving for
(wherein your heart thus go)

but what good is an answer
when the ice is slowly cracking
are you strong enough to lift up
the remains of today
(first step taken)

if you leave these shallow waters
you're almost on your own
no more safe delusions
accept for what you've now become
(someone's pain and love)

it leaves you here
where life begins again
without the one who chose
you for what you are

nothing left
or is it now at last
that life begins
never tears
nor lament
from the haven
of discontent
to your life
I levitate
you just imagine
I never left

and now you wait
for one short line
that you think you need
but won't come near

if all is for real
then you will know now
the dedication it takes