Lovely Spring

Music by: J Palmqvist | Words by: J Palmqvist

Yesterdays news said nothing new
Heīs been taking all the young girls hearts again
But isnīt it so that he may wake up
And find his aching heart just torn apart
And in his darkest hour
He owns nothing that is mine
He falls down from the tower
He shouldnīt be left alone this time

Weīre all trapped inside one dream
Itīs a season about to begin
He canīt handle this thing
Lovely spring

Heīs looking at the moon, lifting his hands
Trying to reach the forgotten land
Shades of blue, taking the sky
Is it always like this when a life passes by

I donīt know for how long heīs cried
But his face is stiffed by tears
It hurts to see him feel nothing
To fear nothing