In My Eye

Music by: T Amneskog, J Palmqvist | Words by: J Palmqvist

In my eye there is always room for you
Cold and hard as the steel comes through
Our last day out on the "sunny" side
A year at least where have you been
So very tired of sea and sand
Fighting back on the boat out there
Still one thing held in my mind
A scarf so white burning in my hand

"Better sad than sorry" - on the sea
A nearby island - and Im set free
Better had than worry - in my eye
If you believe that Im sorry - a quick end and I sigh

Bitter glitter everywhere
Until one day not long ago
Biting winds threw me back in
To sleepless nights of memories

Flowers may have saved one day
Even when theyre white and cold
But all this blueness never gave
A help so hard - I would go down