With The Frights Inside

Music by: J Palmqvist | Words by: J Palmqvist


"Why must it be this damn cold", she said
"Itīs snowing in my head and Iīm left alone, misled
And what tender might seem could be vicious to me
Melting that snow into ice"
With the wind holding on to what clouds there are left
She seems so close to the edge
Black hair, white face, a generous smile, tonight
Night turns to day and the charm goes away, with light
And inside I scream and burn from the frailty of mind
Why canīt this stay for today
But I know this instauration as something I need
Intolerable pain, but still my own

Time will proceed, until all thatīs been crushed
Will be crushed once again
And the pain in this time will be left to remain
Until all thatīs been crushed
Will be crushed once again
And the harder it gets for my tongue to prevail

"I never wanted this to come", she says
"The words are not my own, but still they will hurt"
Iīm not really totally oblivious to everything you say
Itīs just that Iīm breaking free from the thoughts I want
Now the snow is gone at last
And the cristabel ceiling opens up
Her feet they march away and away and away

There is nothing left in this world that makes me feel safe
There can never be another day
When I know how to behave
Time goes astray and itīs all swept away
I need to say I mean it one more time
My hands are cracking apart
No sound - just shadows
I need to say Iīm so very sorry