Music by: PH Petersson, T Amneskog | Words by: J Palmqvist

Whatís a warm and sunshiny day
Compared to a gloomy winter day
Iím destined to crash in May
And if it wasnít for your face
Iíd be a hell of a lot better of
I donít know how to change my fate
Come with me, Iíll lead the way
Past the sullen sky
Weíll walk right by
Your destiny has changed
If we end up so far away
It wasnít meant to be
A tangled we
I was blessed to leave all this

We went different ways in life
I longed for you so
But now I wouldnít go back
Back to yesterday
When we both said the same
We were so uncomplicated
Worse is better

A shameless kiss and Iím back again
Save me