More Non-binary reviews (10/10) "Stronger than ever....the music is beautiful and the tracks are extremely strong..."

Synthdicate (10/10) "Not many bands of today create such a crystal-clear electro-pop..."

ADD customer review (Average: 10/10) "There are no fillers here, each of the tracks are well-thought and beautifully constructed...This is an exceptional cd!"

Uselinks (4/5) "These 11 songs are filled with beauty and melancholy…all songs are very strong..."

Mentenebre (8/10) "One of the most important comebacks this year..."

UNT (4/5) "Worth waitning for! Harmonies and melodies are really impressive...."

Amazon (Customer average: 4/5) "This is truly a fantastic's a very solid album...each of the tracks are well-thought and beautifully constructed.."

DSide (-/-) "Definitely one of the most enjoyable electro-album releases this time of year..."

Ladefuncion (-/-) "Non-binary....a perfect return." (-/-) "CD of the month (August 2008)"

Darkroom Magazine (7.5/10) "We can say clearly: the long break has certainly benefited the band..."

Sideline (7/10) "Kiethevez is back in pop land and that’s a good thing."

Re-Flexion (7/10) "Resolute, intense, and above all, very sophisticated...the album includes many wonderful songs..."

Release Magazine (7/10) "They still write great songs, the album is well produced and everything fits together in a complete package..."

DagensSkiva (6/10) "It's's melancolic. A positive surprise!"

Gothenburg Newpaper (3/5) "Thoroughgoingly high-class songs..."

Sundsvalls Newspaper (3/5) "Kiethevez has evolved towards a more electro-acoustic and organic sound..."

Vasterbottens Newspaper (3/5) "It's still melancolic electro-pop..."

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