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2008-04-06 Compilation CD:s update

The "Records" section has been updated. A couple of compilation CD:s have been added to the "The Compilations" page.
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2008-03-26 New record label for KTV

KTV signs a deal with the American independent record label A Different Drum for an album release during 2008. 
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2008-02-21 Even more lyrics

Take part of the lyrics of 8 new songs from the forthcoming album.
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2007-10-06 Photos section: The final mixing sessions

New photos in the "Photos" section from the final mixing sessions at Peekaboo Studio.
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2007-10-02 The compilations

The "Records" section has been updated. Another
compilation CD has been added to the "The
Compilations" page.
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2007-09-29 KTV on MySpace

Please visit the brand new “KTV space” on Make comments, make a friend request or just simply check it out!
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2006-04-15 Join the newsletter!

Join the KTV newsletter now!
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2006-02-12 Album delayed again

Album delayed again. Read an interview with Jörgen Falmer written by J Andersson in February 2006.
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2006-02-06 Videos in Flash 7 format

The shortfilm Nostalgia and the Anything Higher video, now in Flash 7 format. Even mp3 excerpts available for free downloading.
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2005-08-30 Interview: Recording the new album

Read an interview with Tomas Amneskog written by J Andersson during the recording of the new KTV album in August 2005.
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2005-08-29 Photo section

Some new photos from the recording of the new KTV album were added on the photo section.
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2005-05-29 Video download - A KTV short-film available!

Film excerpts from 1993-1998 have been put together into a short-film called "Nostalgia". Unique film-clips of KTV are now available. Download "Nostalgia" in WMV format now!
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2005-05-28 Article - New interview

Read an interview with Per-Henrik Petersson written by J Andersson in May 2005.
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2005-04-15 Download MP3 - Another demo-excerpt published

Another downloadable mp3 demo-excerpt was published. Sixteen excerpts available. Take part of what happens in the studio now!
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2005-01-14 Video download - The Anything Higher video

The Anything Higher video, recorded back in 1993, was published. Take part of the very first KTV
video from the early years now.
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2004-11-20 Article - Positivism amongst the nihilism

“Our music is made for an obvious reason, at least to us. The cliché of composing as a form of therapy never leaves.”
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2004-01-07 Article - Interview from 2004

Read an interview with KTV from the frensh on-line magazine Coldroom from 2004.
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2003-12-08 Interview from 1993

Read an interview with Jörgen Falmer from 1993.
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2003-11-07 Videos in Flash 6 format

The Erina and the Can't See This videos, now in Flash 6 format.
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2003-11-06 Interview from 1995

Read an interview with Tomas Amneskog from 1995.
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2003-10-20 New pressrelease

A new pressrelease was published.
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2003-09-22 Biography - updated!

Take part of the updated KTV biography.
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2003-09-01 Download the videos

Download the Erina and the Can't See This videos.
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2003-08-29 KTV working on the new album

After a break for two years, KTV are right now working on the new forthcoming album, not yet named. The new album will be released in 2005.

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Old Archive 1997-2000


KTV complete a remix of a Beborn Beton song.


KTV gave a consert together with Yvonne at Kåren (Stora scenen) in Gothenburg on the 1st of December, 19.30.


KTV moves out from the Coeur Noir Studio to establish a new studio for the recordings of the forthcoming album.


KieTheVez live in New York
Sep17. DownTime, New York (CMJ)
Sep18. Detour, Long Island


21th of September, the "Erina" (Single and Video) release. Containing two different versions of Erina, Radio Edit and Single Edit. The Erina single also contains a new song, "Beyond & Below". Read more!

US single release, "One Roman Choir". This US single from the popular "Opium" album features new extended versions of the popular dance track "One Roman Choir". There is also an exclusive b-side song and two great CD-Rom videos added onto the single to make it even more fun! Read more!


KTV prepares for the release of the next european single, "Erina".
A US-single will be released, "One Roman Choir". There will be some extra tracks on both singles, and special remixes.
Marcus Johansson shoots a video for the next KTV single, "Erina".


KieTheVez starts to write new material for the forthcoming album.


The new album "Opium" is released the 17th of October. Containing: Wait, Religion, Can´t See This, Happy Today, Make Me, Erina, Destinies, One Roman Choir, Holy Water, For The Love Of Ophelia, The End, Seems So Easy, Off The Wall.
Listen to samples from the "Opium" album at the download page.
The CDM "Can't See This" is released the 8th of October. It contains 9 tracks, 6 different versions of "Can´t See This", "Deep", "Off The Wall (Autumn Saint's Mix)" and "År Som Blad". Forbidden Colors, Jennifer, The Echoing Green, The Memory Garden and Paradigm are some of the remix-teams. This was originally going to be a two-part single with separate US and Swedish versions, but has now been combined into one nice package.
A "Can't See This" video is also released.


Release party at Romo Night in Gothenburg on 26th of September for the new album "Opium".


The new album "Opium" is mastered and completed to 100%.


The new album "Opium" is being mixed in Gothenburg at Studio 1 during July. KieTheVez participates with one track, "Can' t See This (seable mix)", mixed my Jennifer, on the SAUNA compilation CD.


Some of the new songs is recorded at the Coeur Noir Studios, Gothenburg.
KieTheVez shoots a video for "Can't See This".


28th - The new CDS "År Som Blad" is released. Also included: "Röd Blick", which is a Swedish version of "Destinies".

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